"Bravo!...the stars of Israel are the whites and rose' "

Another excellent review of our Sauvignon Blanc and Rose' wines from David Raccha,  Wine Musings Blog: "Top kosher Rose', White and Sparkling wines that I have tasted 2015" 

2014 Bat Shlomo Rose'- Score: A- (and more)   This is one of the best rose that I have tasted this year, with a few others listed here. The nose on this lovely pink colored wine is filled with crisp fruit, great strawberry and cherry. The mouth on this medium plus body fills your mouth with a rush of ripping acid, followed by ripe summer fruits, wild raspberry, crazy quince, nectarines, mad ripping grapefruit, intense lemon, and crazy acid that dominates, followed by a rush of saline and intense crispness that makes u have to smile. The finish is long and spicy, with clean slate finish, nice nutmeg and straw. BRAVO!!!!

2013 Bat Shlomo Sauvingon Blanc- Score: A- This is one old school Sauvignon Blanc kind of wine, it has a bit of tropical fruit, but this is clean and dry and more straw and earth than fruit, just the way I crave my whites! BRAVO!Also, if you unwrap the bottle to not be shocked by the stopper – it is a glass stopper that can be reused many times on other bottles, so do not toss them!!!The nose on this wine is ripping with citrus and acid, straw, asparagus, gooseberry, straw, hay, ripe peach, kiwi, and nice spice. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is ripping with lovely acid, more lovely spices, an almost pily and lovely textured mouthfeel, nutmeg, followed by yellow grapefruit, green apple, with crazy lemon, lemon curd, and pith that goes forever. This is a wine that perplexes and delights, it tastes sweet from the ripe fruit, but bone dry from the earth, mineral, slate, and overall makeup. The finish is long and pithy with great nectarine, orange notes and more pith wrapped with mineral, slate, and earth. BRAVO!!!

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